Monday 6 February 2012

Day 26 (05.02.12)

Four days left.....I'm staring to worry about what I will do when this is over on Thursday.  I can't realistically keep up with doing a dvd every day - Or can I?  RI30 and 30DS only take up around 40 minutes every day (time to get changed, set up, and do the dvd, tidy away after) so why not?  I guess if I absolutely can't fit it in then that would have to be a day that I do nothing.  I'm quite conscious that I don't want to become obsessive over this, and I'm not sure that I want to just be doing dvds, I really love hitting the gym on a Friday and seeing how my fitness has improved on the treadmill, maybe a good balance might be dvds Monday, Wednesday and Friday and gym on Tuesday and Thursday whilst Mr D is at rugby. 

Anyway, enough of that, here are the pictures for day 26:

The big red line all across my stomach is where I had my tights on under my jeans when we went on our walk - embarassing.

Food was shocking yesterday, no brekkie, we missed it when we were walking, then we got home and I made a batch of PB and nutella cookies - I ate 3 in total.  Lunch was a pack of chicken satay and we ended up at the pub for dinner due to a small planned dinner error.  I had a lasagne and it was yummy.

Calories: 1424/1610
5 A Day?  Not one single fruit or vegetable. Epic Fail.

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